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target net 5 x 2
target net 5 x 2
5mx2m Target Net
target net 5 x 2
5mx2m Target Net

Quickplay Target Net 5m x 2m

Shot Practice Like Professional Players

  • The Quickplay target net includes colour coded targets, which helps players target specific areas of the goal during training. You can mix up your shooting drills and move the targets around to keep the players on their toes.

Improve Accuracy - Get Rewarded

  • The target net features 'catch nets' for when the ball hits the target, rewarding players. The central red area is a tensioned football rebounder, which keeps the play going if the shot doesn't hit the required target.
Customisable Coloured Targets

  • Coloured targets can be moved which forces players to adjust their cognitive shooting process, and keep their head up during shooting practice.
Fits Any Standard 5m x 2m Goal

  • Quickly attaches with bungee chords.


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